Life is a gift that we should enjoy, and aging is a normal part of life. There are so many things to try before 60 which make your life worthwhile.

Our List of 27+ MUST-DO Things To Try Before 60

Every age and stage of life brings about its own blessing and challenges; we often lose ourselves to the busy routine and forget to live. It is very important to try new things, and there are many exciting things to do that must be on your to-do list. It’s time you take a break and get some bucket list ideas and explore things to try before 60. The blog is the perfect treat if you are looking for things to try before you turn 60 years of age.

Number 1: Learn how to dance

Who doesn’t want to swing to the music, and what is more perfect than doing it the proper way? There are many places that can teach you to dance in an elegant posh way. If you are looking for exciting things to do, then it is a good contender, and it is definitely a thing to try. Therefore, get up and get ready to learn how to dance before you hit 60.

Number 2: Conquer a mountain

Nothing screams more adventurous than climbing a mountain; get your adrenaline rush high by conquering mountains. This is a great bucket list idea and indeed is an exciting thing to do. Therefore, pack your bags and get your gears ready to climb a mountain before you hit 60.

Number 3: Try Skydiving

Ever wanted to feel free like a bird and just hit the wind, then you can always opt for Skydiving; it’s an extremely thrilling and life-in-a-time experience. Sky diving gives you the real experience of dropping down and feeling the clouds and cold wind. The activity isn’t for the light-hearted, so stay strong and get ready to add this to your bucket list ideas.

Number 4: Attend a six nations rugby match

If you love rugby and have been delaying watching the six nations rugby match for ages, then this is the sign for you to start saving and attend the rugby match. Get your favorite team poster and shirts, and get ready to enjoy a match that you will not forget.

Number 5: See the Northern Lights

Northern lights are a beautiful wonder of the world, and therefore their pictures are breathtaking. This natural phenomenon deserves to be experienced, and it is a must thing to try. Add this list to your bucket list and add this to your bucket list ideas. Be sure to take your camera so you can take the best pictures that you will forever cherish.

Number 6: Do a 5km mud run

If you aren’t afraid of getting your clothes dirty and are willing to try new things, then try the 5 kilometers mud run. Hundreds of events are taking place in the United Kingdom regarding the mud run, and you can register yourself at the Mud Run Directory to get training as well.

Number 7: Ride in a hot air balloon

One of the breathtaking views can be seen while sailing in a hot air balloon. The activity is perfect for enjoying the view and finding inner peace. Be sure to ride a hot air balloon before sixty and enjoy the wonderful sight that nature has to offer.

Number 8: Attend a festival in Europe

Festivals are the cutest events and are one of the best additions in a film as well. Be sure to visit some carnivals, festivals, and cultural events before you hit 60. These events are filled with life and have so much to offer.

Number 9: Reconnect with an old friend

Throughout life, many times, relations get broken, and we never really look back. However, before turning sixty, make sure to reconnect with old friends and talk over your grievances. The closure will provide you ease, and it is, therefore, a must thing to try.

Number 10: Read 100+ Books.

Knowledge is everything, and therefore it is important you read every day. An active mind is powerful and ages slowly; therefore, it is recommended to at least read a hundred plus books before you turn 60. Therefore, add this to your bucket list ideas and try this out before turning fifty.

Number 11: Learn How to Say “No.”

Though it is important to help people out; however, it is very important to learn when to say no and move on. People often take immense advantage of people who have trouble saying ‘no.’ Therefore, make sure you learn how to say no before you turn sixty.

Number 12: Perform a random act of kindness for a stranger

We, as humans, are wired to do something for people and expect something in return. However, before you turn sixty, make sure to add performing a random act of kindness for a stranger to your bucket list. This activity will serve as a great teaching experience and enable you to do be kind without expecting anything in return.

Number 13: Cook with a celebrity chef

It is absolutely thrilling to cook with an expert, so sign on for classes where you can cook with a celebrity chef. Therefore, get your knives and kitchen utensils ready to cook with a celebrity chef before turning 60.

Number 14: Throw/Attend a masquerade ball

Masquerade balls are iconic; therefore, make sure to get yourself invited to one before turning sixty, and not just that, also remember to throw one before turning sixty.

Number 15: Fight your fears

Make sure to pick any activity that you are afraid of and face it with courage. It is absolutely important to face your fears and conquer them before turning sixty.

Number 16: Have an iconic New Year’s Eve in Times Square

Many people wish to visit Times Square at the time of New Year’s Eve, and there is a reason for it. Times Square is filled with festivities for everyone; there is something to do for each and every individual. It can be the perfect avenue to try new things as well.

Number 17: Ride in style with a limousine

Many people have associated limousines with weddings and proms, but well they can be used for others reasons as well. If you just want to feel glorious, then well, the path to glory is simple. Order a limo and cruise around the city feeling like an absolute superstar. Plan a full day of fun, start your day with a fancy meal, and then keep cruising around in the limo. This is surely one of the exciting things to do before 60.

Number 18: Get over the fear of heights by going to the top of the Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel tower offers breathtaking views; it the one place in Paris which makes the bucket list of ideas. Before turning 60, going to the top of the Eiffel Tower is a necessity. It has an amazing choice of buffets and even the most amazing souvenir shops.

Number 19: Visit Egypt to see the pyramids

There are many things a person needs to do before hitting the age of 60. One of the best things to do is visit Giza, and look around the pyramids. Side by side, you can also take some time out to visit the City of Luxor.

Number 20: Stay in an ice hotel

Be it Norway or Sweden; there are many different ice hotels you can pick from. Each location has many fun activities like skiing, husky sledding, and spa facilities, etc. This is one thing you surely need to do; it is fun, entertaining and you will surely remember it for the rest of your life.

Number 21: Make your dream come true by visiting Disneyland

Disneyland is not just for kids; it is a complete and fun wonderland for anyone who is looking for a fun time. Bring back the child in you by visiting Disneyland; take your time and enjoy the ride. There are numerous attractions and other things to do at Disneyland; it is the one place that will not disappoint.

Number 22: Broaden our horizons by learning a new language

Many people are not fans of learning, but honestly, learning a new language can be extremely fun. There are so many languages in the world take your pick and then later visit the native place of the language. You will be able to have a fun time without having to go through language barriers.

Number 23: Get familiar with the tides and learn to surf

Just going for a casual swim is surely fun but being able to surf takes the fun to the next level. There are many coaches available who will teach you even for fun and but it is always good to pay them for their effort.

Number 24: Connect with your soul by booking a yoga or mediation retreat

It is very easy to get lost in the busyness of the world and not understand the purpose of your life. Well, before hitting 60, you must reconnect with your soul, and you can do that by going on a yoga or meditation retreat.

Number 25: Do a little drama by being an extra in a movie

The world of movies is all about the glory of it, but behind the curtains there, are many things, which are happening. You can get a peak in the world of glamour by being an extra in a movie.

Number 26: Get a little active and try a new sport

Trying a new sport is always fun, and who knows, that sport can become your favorite weekend activity. You can try archery, street hockey, judo or maybe disc golf. The majority of people know only the basic sports like football or volleyball, in reality, there are many more sports as well.

Number 27: Be kind and Volunteer for a day

Being kind never hurts, and you can take your kindness an extra mile by volunteering for a day. It can be at the dog shelter, an old age home, or an orphanage. You can also volunteer to support a cause and, in the meanwhile, connect with new people.

Number 28: Ride in a helicopter

You can view the world from new heights by riding in a helicopter. It is an extremely fun way of sightseeing and making the experience more memorable.

Number 29: Run away from your troubles by taking part in a marathon

This is one thing that can be easily done, and it does not require you to go out of your way. Marathons take place rather frequently, and you can take part in the one that falls on dates which are convenient for you.

Things to try Before 60: Book a girls or boys weekend

This weekend will be all about pampering yourself with mini treats. You can have a spa day, go shopping, have some nice drinks and you can end the night by cruising around the city. This weekend can be the full package of excitement and fun.

Things to try Before 60: Have a party in a rented train carriage

Renting a train carriage all for you and your friends can be a dream come true. It will be a party on wheels, and you can even enjoy a new location at the end of the train ride. Ride in style by having the carriage decorated to your liking.

There are many things which you can do before hitting the age of 60; some are eccentric like visiting Giza, while some are simple things like yoga and meditation.

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Hope you enjoyed our article on fun things to try before you turn sixty or seventy. The point is to go out and have some fun.

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