Fun things to do outside babyboomers retirement

Fun things for us baby boomers to do outdoors in our retirement. Here are some fun things for us to do in our retirement, not


10 fun indoor activities

What are some of the most fun activities to do indoors? Indoor Activities which are the Most Fun Indoor activities are the new norm. If

lots of wonderful places

20 Low Budget Trip Destinations To Help You Relax

20 Low Budget Trip Destinations To Help You Relax. The world awaits — enjoy the high life at a fraction of the cost. Here’s the


Tips to Age Well

Don’t Just Age Along – Follow These Tips to Age Well Like Wine! Aging is a natural phenomenon of the human body, and it’s a


Things To Try Before 60

Life is a gift that we should enjoy, and aging is a normal part of life. There are so many things to try before 60


15 of the Best Exotic Places to Visit this Summer

15 exotic places to visit this summer Are you making plans to go on a vacation this summer? If you haven’t decided where you want

near las vegas

Images of fun things I’ve been doing

Here are a few things that are just fun and sometimes calming to view. Take a look, let me know what you think. You can


What Are Fun Fall Activities for Retirees?

Gone are the times when fall was considered a season of sadness. Thanks to the Instagram aesthetes, fall is finally being considered as the seasons


What are some cool wood working projects? Check these out.

Ted’s Woodworking. For today’s Woodworker See the new video by clicking here. Have you ever wanted to wanted to unleash the master craftsman within you

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