Fun things for us baby boomers to do outdoors in our retirement.

Here are some fun things for us to do in our retirement, not in any particular order.

1. Traveling. One of my favorite things to do is traveling. You will see we have a separate menu item for that also. There is a whole world out there to see. We plan on seeing a lot of it. You can travel to see the sites of your city, county, state or someone else’s. Explore all the fun things your area has to offer, right downtown or right around the corner. Have a great adventure, maybe see all fifty states. Or you can have a Grand adventure and see the world. The world is calling. Here are a few thoughts to get you started: Travel on a budget. Travel adventures. Cruise on a budget. Adventurous holidays. Just type in some of these words in your browser. It’ s fun.
2. Walking. Walking can be for fun and for health. It is the cheapest way I know to have fun. I started walking for exercise just a few months ago and it’s already paying off. I started with an easy walk around my property and I’ve already lost a few pounds. Bought some nice shoes to walk with so I wouldn’t hurt my ankles. I started with five laps, then ten, then 15 and now 20. So on MWF I do my 20 laps and on TTh I do ten. I’ve even added in walking on the road in front of my house. Since I live on acreage and my road has no cars, it is very safe. It takes me 30 to 40 minutes. I have my head phones and listen to anything I want. Next I plan on going to a nearby lake and walk around that for a change of scenery. I feel better and have lost some weight.
3. Cycling. Now personally I don’t ride a bike but I see the same cyclers every week riding their bikes down the main road. I’m not sure exactly where they start or end but it’s still a good ride. Sometimes I see one person, other times it’s whole group. There’s even what looks like a racing team. With and without the fancy bikes and outfits. Lol. I do have to say they all look like they’re having fun.
4. Swimming. I’ve always enjoyed swimming ever since I was a kid. Who doesn’t remember a good swim! I’m going to do more of this one myself soon. Here where I live its too cold right now to swim in the many lakes and rivers near my house. Using a community center or a Y will have to do until summer. Nice cool water on a hot sunny day; all the fun of pushing your friends or your kid sister in. lol. Aw brings back great memories. A gathering of friends around the lake on a hot day. Nice bar b que lunch. Some fishing. Speaking of fishing.
5. Fishing. One of my all time favorite and fun things to do. Notice I said fishing not catching. Lol. We all know about that. Those of us that love to fish will go any where, anytime. Its called the anywhere anytime fishing trip. Pack a nice lunch, couple beers, sodas or water. Grab your favorite rod, reel and bait. Drive to a recently stocked lake. Hike into a secluded spot, bait up and cast your line. Nothing better than catching a nice trout or five. (that’s the daily limit here) Plenty to bring home for tonight’s dinner. More on fishing later. For now. I’VE GONE FISHING!
6. Gardening. Who doesn’t like eating fresh vegetables every day? Vegetables that you planted, watered and cared for taste so much better. We have an entire category for gardening that we are working on. Coming soon. For now, what great fun and exercise. We built or own raised beds. We now have twelve garden beds and two compost bins. We grow several varieties of tomatoes, green beans, lettuce, cucumbers, peppers, beets and asparagus. We grow enough that we now pickle. Yes, we are picklers. There are all kinds of ways to grow veggies now a days; inside, outside, hydroponic, heck I’ve even seen an upside down tomato plant!
7. Archery. I haven’t shot (I think that’s the correct term) a bow in years; since summer camp and boy scouts. I do have some friends that love it. They have a long bow and a compound bow. They’re in an archery club and travel to competitions all the time. I guess it’s a big sport. Lots of fun and exercise, plus traveling to different clubs. They have competitions with food and prizes. Sounds fun to me.
8. Garage sales. I know what your saying: its almost winter, you can go antiquing. This is one of those really good walking exercises that’s both fun and can be profitable. We’ve often made a little extra cash by going to garage sales and antique stores. More on how to make a little extra later. It’s a great two or three day adventure or even just for an afternoon. There are probably twenty stores within a thirty minute drive of my house. Lol. Too many right. We get with family and friends, plan on what area or stores to hit that day and get on the road. First stop is always coffee.
9. Golf. Now golf is a sport that I have never, ever, not once, been very good at. I’ve probably never even broke 100. But then I don’t practice or play much at all. It is great exercise though (even if you use a cart.) For those of you that are any good at it I’m sure its a lot of fun. I understand from a retired friend that it’s not as expensive as you might think. They take advantage of public courses and driving ranges that offer senior discounts.

Well there you go baby boomers, a short list (9) of some outdoor activities, some free, some kind of inexpensive and some not so much. Just get out in the fresh air.

*****during these troubling times its important to remember to do something nice for yourself and reduce stress. There are a few vaccines on the way. I don’t know the rules where you live so stay safe, wear a mask and wash your hands. Things will get better. Hey and call your kids, parents, loved ones. They want to hear from you.*****

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Look for more activities coming soon.
Thank you for reading.
Carpe de um. Seize the day.

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