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Are you finding the best easy herbs to grow in your home garden? This article covers some of the easiest herbs to grow that you can plant in your garden and enjoy fresh on your dinner table.

Which Herbs Are Easy To Grow?

Nothing compares to the excitement that comes with adding fresh and home-grown herbs to your daily diet. Not only do you have a great time planting these herbs but can also easily add colors and nutrition to your everyday diet just with these herbs being located right next to your cooking area.

However, when we take a look at the world of home gardening, we come across this trend of people focusing way more on growing vegetables and fruits than caring much about adding healthy herbs to their garden. What if we tell you that growing herbs at home requires almost half times less the effort and money that you otherwise need to spend when planting veggies and fruits on your own?

Mostly, people lack knowledge of any kind of what herbs to grow in their garden and which ones take less time and energy to get planted. Also, even those who are avid gardeners at times cannot tell for sure if a particular herb would grow in the given region within the available temperature ranges or not.

If you are really looking forward to adding some fragrant green herbs to your space, your first and most important task is to gather some knowledge of which herbs to grow in which season and how. We understand that getting to know so much at a time is not possible for a person. However, we decided to write this guide on some easy herbs to grow in different seasons to make your herb garden fresh and green all year long.         More of our great gardening articles here.

So, let us dive into this world of herb gardening to kick start our gardening journey right away:

Why Should You Grow Herb Plants?

Before we go on to discuss the best and easiest herbs to grow in different seasons, it is important to know a bit about the top reasons people prefer growing herbs on their own. After all, most of these herbs are almost always available in the nearby farmer’s markets in big and small towns and do not even cost a lot. Then why do people prefer to take all this burden and get their hands dirty in efforts towards growing these herbs?

Let us see some top reasons people love to have their own kitchen herb garden:

  • Nothing Compares Home Grown Freshness

Many people use herbs for medicinal and other health purposes. Hence, it is easy to see why they would want the freshest of herbs to enter their body. No matter how much you pay the nearby vendor for these, the herbs coming from a shop will never be as fragrant, delicious, and nutrient-rich as those grown at home.

  • Herbs Add Freshness and Color To Your Garden

Most of the herbs turn out green when fully grown and some start as white or yellow flowers. Hence, there is no surprise that people often grown herbs in their homes to add color to their gardens and attract some butterflies for beauty.

Most of the herbs often give off a beautiful and rich odor that is hardly comparable to any other thing that you would grow on your own. This rich smell is another reason that compels many to grow their own herbs at home.

  • An Inexpensive Hobby

Gardening is believed to be one of the many cathartic hobbies that people can easily take up. However, sometimes this hobby can seem to grow out of your budget. It is in times like these that people decide to grow something that is easier to grow and also affordable. And guess what? Herbs are the queens of affordable home gardening. Cool, isn’t it?

Now that you are enticed enough to grow herbs at your home, below are some of the best herbs to grow in each season. The best part about these herbs is that most of them are suitable for plantations in almost all the major regions of the world. So, without further ado, let us dive right into this:

What Are The Best Herbs To Grow In Summers?

Summers are the best season for those who want to spice up their home garden with some herbs and add color to it. You can grow a wide variety of herbs in summers and the best part about these is that most of them are grown in the same manner.

All you have to do is to get some seeds and sow them in the container. Make sure to prone and add water regularly and you would soon be getting these herbs on your table. Some of the herbs to plant during early summer and harvest in the same season are as follows:

1- Lavender

Known for its soothing aroma and beautiful color, lavender should be on the top of your herbs to grow list. In some regions, this herb can make it well to a fully-grown purple plant in an indoor herb garden as well.

However, we suggest you plant it where sunlight reaches it for the most part of the day and where the soil is well aerated. Also, make sure to prune the harvest site as much as possible to boost this herb’s growth.

2- Basil

Here comes another household staple that also happens to be one of the easiest herbs to grow in warm weather. Growing basil is like a cup of tea and Basil and Oregano are some of the top herbs to plant together. Just make sure to plant basil seeds where they can get direct sunlight and while keeping the soil moist. In a few days, your garden will start giving off that sweet smell that is exclusive to basil.

3- Oregano

From your plates of pasta to your parmesan chicken breasts and whatnot, this healthy herb is a staple ingredient of so many yummy dishes and smells like heaven. This herb is a great one because it comes with absolutely no tantrums. Keep it in half shade and half sun and water is moderately and it would still survive.

4- Parsley

This one is among the best perennial herbs that do great when sown in summers. All you have to do is to make sure that the seeds get maximum sunlight and their soil remains moist. Also, watch out for yellow flower-like growths and start taking more care of your plant from there and then, up until the herb is all grown.

5- Chamomile

Want to make your garden look like one of those Disney movie scenes? Just search for the best chamomile herb plants for sale around your locality or get some seeds and plant either of these in your garden. This one thrives well in dry soils but needs direct sunlight for around 6-8 hours a day. All you need to do is to make sure it is fully grown once. After that, you might leave it without water for days later. The plant is one of the most tolerant herbs to grow and can easily survive hard conditions.

What Are The Best Easy Herbs To Grow In Winter?

Most of the herbs that you can grow in your outdoor herb garden during winters are perennial and last throughout the year. Some very common ones are as follows:

1- Thyme

If you live in zones 5 to 9, then the best time for you to grow thyme is during early winters. These are one of the best herbs to grow indoors a few weeks before the cold weather begins that can later be planted outdoors. Thyme comes in various varieties, and you can grow anyone that suits your region. Mostly, a thyme plant would grow as tall as 6-8 inches and grows best when it is under the greenhouse during intensely cold weather.

2- Rosemary

A fragile and flavorsome herb, rosemary comes in handy for a range of your kitchen tasks. These are often like those micro herbs that grow for some part of the winter seasons and might keep going if the weather does not intensify too much.

We suggest covering your rosemary plant a bit and you would easily see it lasting you enough during the cold days.

3- Mint – Medicinal Easy Herbs to Grow

One of the best smelling herbs that can be used in several ways, mint can be grown right when the winter season sets in. Sometimes, people bring already grown mint stems from the herbs garden and grow them as indoor herbs. You can pick any of the available mint varieties in your region and can grow it in a pot instead of sowing directly in the soil. This way, it lasts longer and also grows despite the intense coolness around it.

Other than these, you can grow Parsley, Sage, Lemon Balm, Majoram, Chervil, and Cilantro during winters and each of these would last you anywhere between weeks to months depending upon the intensity of cold weather and the region you live in.

What Are The Best Easy Herbs To Grow In Spring?

Most of the herbs that you can grow in spring and fall are almost the same as those that you can grow in winters or all around the year. However, some herbs do their best and grow fully well when planted in the early days of spring. Some of these are also easily harvested in most regions and are as follows:

1- Cilantro

One of those herbs that grow in colors like lavender, pink, white, and other shades in between, Cilantro has several health benefits and smells great too. Its plant requires medium shade and a medium amount of sunlight with no extra water requirements or pruning needs. Just make sure to keep the soil well-fertilized and moist during its peak growth days to keep the herb from dying under the effects of weather.

2- Lemon Balm

This one is an annual herb that does great when you grow it in early spring or mild winters. The plant can do well under the full sun but does not rot easily even when it is kept under shade for days. If you want it to last you long and regrow next year, try to keep the soil moist and ventilated. Also, you can plant the seeds around 6 weeks before the actual intended date of harvest and can later grow them outdoors.

3- Dill – Popular Easy Herbs To Grow

Which Easy Herbs To Grow

Dill is another amazing herb that is used in a variety of ways. The best thing about this herb is that you can easily freeze it and use it all around the year. Not only its bright yellow flowers can add beauty to your garden but the smell it gives off is also worth dying for.

The best part about dill plants is that they do not need you to give them a lot of attention at all. Just select a good spot where the sunlight remains at its best for around 8 hours a day and keep the soil fertilized. Also, the most well-drained and rich the soil is, the better will your dill herbs taste and smell. So, it is up to you if you want great flavor in your dishes and the perfect smell for your soups or would do without these things without working extra on your dill plants.


No matter whichever herb you grow and when you grow it, the actual fun is hidden in being able to consume healthy and fresh herbs while your home’s garden smells and looks great. Also, you do not have to grow each and every herb on your own because that can induce extra work. You can simply pick whichever you think would last longer in your garden and is also used excessively at your home and can grow that specific one. The rest are easily available in markets can there is no harm in getting those in exchange for a few bucks.

Take care of your plants and water them enough. Happy Gardening!

Thank you for reading. Please leave a comment.

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