Fun in gardening

How Can We Seniors Garden On A Budget?

Here is another great article from Harry Cline of New Care Giver. Gardening for Seniors: Low-Maintenance and Budget Friendly Options For many, gardening is a

How To Deal With Fall Allergies?

Ask someone who suffers from fall allergies how do they feel about it and their answers will surely come with a tinge of sadness. While

What Are Fun Fall Activities for Retirees?

Gone are the times when fall was considered a season of sadness. Thanks to the Instagram aesthetes, fall is finally being considered as the seasons

Are There APPS To Help Seniors Maintain Their Health?

Here is another great article by Harry Cline at Baby Boomers Attic was created to try and help others retire early and have fun.

What is The Best Age to Retire?

Want to know what is the best age to retire for you? Well, it’s hard to answer this question in a way that helps everyone. Why don’t you read this article for a better and elaborated answer?

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Why Retirement Planning Is Important?

With everyone praising retirement planning so much, it’s natural that you ask why retirement planning is important. Our article answers all your questions on this topic.

Happy is a state of mind

How To Be Happy? Alone And With Other People

Not all of us know how to be happy without any external support. This article covers all those happiness secrets that you need to spend

How to Make Money Last In Retirement?

You know what’s the best thing you can do for your future self? Learning how to make money last longer after you retire. And here’s

Herbs and tea

Which Easy Herbs To Grow?

Are you finding the best easy herbs to grow in your home garden? This article covers some of the easiest herbs to grow that you

How To Protect Your Brain?

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Images of fun things I’ve been doing

Here are a few things that are just fun and sometimes calming to view. Take a look, let me know what you think. You can

happiness with a life insurance policy

Life Insurance. Do You Really Need It? Lets Find Out.

Babyboomers Attic is a blog about health, leisure, personal finance, and gardening, written by Baby Boomers for Baby Boomers. Visit us today for more informative

How To Store Vegetables?

Don’t we all love munching on a leaf of crispy lettuce or a crunchy carrot and how do these fill our mouth with freshness every

Safe Investments That Beat Inflation. Here Are Five Awesome Ways.

Out of all things that an us retired baby boomers and an earning adult with a family to feed dreads, rising inflation is the most

Credible up to date Value

Check Gold Prices for Buying n Selling. Easy Step by Step Guide

Throughout history, gold has been seen as a valuable form of investment. Converting your savings to gold can shield them from the volatility of the

Naturally Boost Your Immune System

A strong immune system can ward off many illnesses. You need to take care of your health, and your immune system is your body’s defense

15 of the Best Exotic Places to Visit this Summer

15 exotic places to visit this summer Are you making plans to go on a vacation this summer? If you haven’t decided where you want

Organic Gardening Guide & Tips

Organic gardening is the trend today, and everyone seems to be doing it. Don’t stay behind; learn organic gardening through this organic gardening guide Organic

Things To Try Before 60

Life is a gift that we should enjoy, and aging is a normal part of life. There are so many things to try before 60

Tips to Age Well

Don’t Just Age Along – Follow These Tips to Age Well Like Wine! Aging is a natural phenomenon of the human body, and it’s a

10 Exciting Ways To Be Happy

The world keeps changing, and with the changing world comes uncertainty and problems. Sometimes these problems are out of our control, and we simply cannot

Get Your Free Personal Finance Journal

Right after you start earning, your major focus should be on efficiently managing your finances. This is because you do not want for yourself a

Have fun in retirement

Business Ventures That Are Easy On Your Wallet

  Heres another great article from Harry Cline at Business Ventures for Baby Boomers That Are Easy on Your Wallet Are you thinking about

grow the best veggies

Plant Fertilizers for Vegetable Garden? We Say Yes

  Importance and Application Method of Plant Fertilizers for Vegetable Garden You’ve raked up all the leaves, and watered all your plants — there’s one

besure to make notes

6 Part Time Jobs for Working Seniors

Here’s another great article from Harry Cline of New Care Giver Returning to Work in Retirement: 6 Part-Time Jobs for Working Seniors After a few

save your change also

Top Personal Finance Lessons for 2021 and Beyond

  Top Personal Finance Lessons For 2021 and beyond. Here are ten great ways. Worried about your personal finance? Join the club. The world’s never

Saving can be fun

10 Golden Retirement Savings Tips From Us Retirees

  The Best 10 Golden Retirement Savings Tips From Retirees For Retirees If you’re anything like most of us, there’s few things you dread more

lots of wonderful places

20 Low Budget Trip Destinations To Help You Relax

20 Low Budget Trip Destinations To Help You Relax. The world awaits — enjoy the high life at a fraction of the cost. Here’s the

Retired? Time to start thinking about your home.

Here is a guest article from Harry at Newcaregiver. Retired? It’s Time to Start Thinking About Your Home Once you’re retired and spending more

What vegetables can I grow indoors?

Which Vegetables Can You Grow Indoors? No garden? No problem. You can grow vegetables right on your windowsill, so long as it gets plenty of

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