What are some of the most fun activities to do indoors?

Indoor Activities which are the Most Fun

Indoor activities are the new norm. If you are looking for fun indoor activities, here is a list of 10 things you can do to keep yourself engaged!

The list of outdoor recreational activities is seemingly unending and attracts more attention, but the truth is that indoor activities can be equally engaging and fun, if not more. In these uncertain times, as no one wants to go outside, we have compiled a list of fun indoor activities you can engage in and enjoy yourself to the fullest.

Board games

Board games such as chess, scrabble or puzzles are a great way to keep you engaged. These activities are handy, fun, and they are great for jogging your mind. As these games are easy to learn, if you don’t already know how to play, they are a source of joy for people belonging to any age group. Be it devising strategies to checkmate in Chess, bringing out the Keats and Milton hidden in you to score those extra points in scrabble, or be it a simple game of putting the pieces of puzzles in the correct sequence, board games have something for everybody. These games are elderly-friendly as they do not involve any strenuous activity which might take a toll on their bodies. Therefore, board games are a great place to begin with if you want to keep yourself occupied as the clock ticks.


We all have come across the old age adage that “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” Now in case you do not want to meet the same fate as the proverbial Jack meets, you might want to begin by keeping your body mobile. We understand that when it comes to indoor exercise, there are some restrictions like insufficient exercise gear or machines, improper guidance, and insufficient space for workout. However, exercise does not necessarily mean that you need to be lifting dead weights and doing abs workout, a good exercise can be something as simple as a back-and-forth walk from point A to B in your backyard or your front lawn. In case you want to amp up your workout regimen, you can add squats, some jumping jacks, or sit-ups. However, we believe that you should consult a fitness trainer or your physician before doing any adventure which might retire you to bed instead of giving the desired results. The goal of every kind of indoor activity, from yoga to exercise, is just to keep your body moving. Sitting all day or, even worse, staying in bed all day is a fertile ground for many atrophic weaknesses.

Learning a skill

If you have a keen mind and a young heart, age is nothing but a number. One of the best ways you can utilize your idle time indoors is to engage yourself in, or should we say “devote yourself” to learning a new skill. Now when people hear about this, the first thing that pops in their minds is that they should learn a skill that has some sort of market value, which is indeed a good place to begin your skill-learning journey from. The internet is thronged with the ideas of new skills and there are gazillions of free tutorials and websites which can help you along the way. Maybe you would like to learn Spanish to make some new Amigos, or maybe learning embroidery or sweater knitting can give you a good time pass. The list is not exhaustive by any means. People often go to lengths to learn skills which are unheard of; for example, we never knew that lock picking is actually a skill and enjoys a good number of avid lock picking aspirants round the globe. The point being, sky is the limit.

Having an indoor pet

“When I count my blessings, I count my dog twice.” We honestly don’t know who said this but we are sure that the speaker speaks for many of us. Having an indoor pet is a great idea if you are bound to the confines of your house for some reason, and would prefer not to go out much. An important thing to keep in mind is that getting a pet is indeed a thing of commitment. You will have to take care of the natural needs of your pet. If you plan on keeping your pet indoors most of the time, hamsters, fishes, guinea pigs, parrots and rabbits should be a no-brainer choice. There are some breeds of dogs and cats which require minimal amounts of physical exercise, which means that they can be a possible option. However, most of our four-legged friends do require some stroll here and there so you might want to re-evaluate your options.

But having a pet by your side is never a bad option, granted you are up for the commitment it requires.

Home plants

We all have a gardener lurking inside us, waiting to find just the right time to assume the shape of reality. Ergo, if you are looking for fun things to do in your home, adopting a home plant is an easy choice. Home plants come in all shapes and sizes. From the hardy varieties of succulents to sensitive fiddle leaf figs, you can have any home plant of your liking. These home-plants refresh the indoor atmosphere and if you are artsy enough, you can mold these plants into aesthetic decoration pieces as well. A miniature tree-like Bonsai or a creeper vine twirling around the curtain rod. speaks volumes of the aesthetic taste of the homeowners. Looking after these plants will keep you occupied and there is scientific data backing up the fact that indoor plants have mood elevating and anti-depressant effects.

Fun games like Pictionary and Charades

Game nights are incomplete in any American household without a round of charades or pictionary. Top it off with some Minute-to-win-it styled competitive sports, and voila- you have your very own “Indoor Olympics.” These indoor games are so fun that you can make them a part of your weekly routine. You can have a dedicated game-night per week and invite some friends over, and have a blast inside your home. Most of these games require little to no supplies so you do not need to worry about missing chess pieces or lost letter tiles of scrabble. Be it children, young adults, or older adults, these fun and easy games can easily give you all the fun you need in one day. Add this to the list of your indoor activities and see your mood boost in no time.

Pen pals

A lot of times, we are unable to find like-minded people or, even worse, any people to share our hearts with. That is where the concept of pen-pals comes in. Now we know that the word “Pen-pals” gives you a blast from the past of the 1960s or 1970s, and although the trend of letter writing might have waned, the idea is still very much intact. A lot of social organizations have these programs of connecting teens with the elderly people in elderly care homes via emails or facetime. But if you like it the old fashioned way, there are still many people out there who are fascinated by the idea of a handwritten letter. This people-to-people communication is a learning experience, over and above the recreational value of this hobby. As a word of caution, we would advise you to not divulge your personal information to a stranger unless you are fully aware of their credibility.

Community meetings

Neighborhood watch, homeowner association, and ladies club are some of the activities which come straight to our minds when we think of community meetings. These meetings double down as a community-building exercise, in addition to, their function of keeping people busy and connected. A once weekly or fortnightly meeting with a laid-out agenda also inculcates a civic sense in community members and reminds us of our responsibility of looking after one another. Although we are not sure if this strictly falls under the category of “fun indoor activities” since it entirely depends on your conception of “fun”, but we do believe that it is a great learning experience for everybody.

Garage sales

With our climate at peril and our ecosystems on the verge of falling apart, every passing day is a grim reminder of the fact that we need to engage ourselves in 3Rs; Recycle, Reuse and Reduce. Garage sales epitomize these very ideas and can save you from the heaps of clutter that keep on piling up inside our homes into this giant Mount. Useless-Items. Plus garage sales have always been a great sport for thrifty homemakers to get a good bargain. You can organize a good garage sale once every six months or whenever you feel the need and this should earn you a good buck while also making room in your home

Journaling and writing

If you are cramped up inside your place and want to make this time fruitful, journaling might be your way to go. Now, you do not necessarily need to be an excellent wordsmith to write a journal. You can just gather your wayward thoughts and lock them up on paper. Even better might be a book-worthy idea which you want to put to paper. You do not necessarily need to aim for your book to be a bestseller, if you have put your heart and soul into the book and if it flows well, you should be content that you have done more than your part. This indoor activity is for everyone. You should just be ready to open up to yourself.


We have tried to jot down the fun indoor activities which are and have been popular among peoples of all ages and backgrounds. The important thing is to never shy away from experimenting and seeing what works for you. If you put your heart into it, we are sure many of these activities will keep you busy and will give you the happiness and fulfillment you look forward to.

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